Our goal at SustainMe is to empower vulnerable women and their families to fight poverty. We achieve our goal through Microfinance, Economic Empowerment, Food Security and Healthcare, to list just a few examples.



Food Security



Through our microfinance program, SustainMe provides vulnerable women with small startup loans and seed grants which enable them to start up small businesses and income-generating activities.

Access to microfinance provides sustainable solutions and livelihoods for the women and their families. By providing women with access to finances through microfinancing, we help build their capacity to provide basic needs for their children and break the cycle of poverty.

Our Microfinance model is simple, friendly and sustainable. It offers every struggling woman an opportunity to access finances for a startup through micro loans, seed grants, and village savings and loans groups. It has consistently proven to increase household incomes, social capital, and hope.

SustainMe focuses on economically strengthening women and families through skills, mentorship, and the creation of sustainable livelihoods. Business training, vocational skills and mentorship are advanced to help vulnerable women start income generating activities, earn an income and provide for their families.

A combination of skills is key in creating an environment in which the women can start and run their sustainable livelihoods. As an organization, we empower women with a wide range of skills including business and vocational skills.

Through training, our organisation provides long-term solutions to empowering women to run sustainable businesses. Our toolbox consists of experienced trainers and their knowledge, and our locally developed training manuals.

Through mentorship, we take the women and their families on a journey towards success, helping them on every step of the way. We focus on one-to-one mentorship where every woman is supported to ensure her business model is understood, her business is growing, and that she can care for her children.



Health is a very important aspect of the family’s wellbeing. Poor health has adverse effects on the performance of the vulnerable women and their families. It often ends up reducing household income since more family savings have to be spent on medical care.

SustainMe provides the women and their families with basic healthcare, preventive information, and support. This includes medical treatment for the women and children, sensitization and health awareness, hygiene, and sanitation. Working in partnership with health institutions, healthcare is accessible for the poor women and their households.

We believe that families that are healthy can grow their livelihoods and in the long run improve on their household incomes.


SustainMe strives to ensure that women and their families have access to enough food and live healthy lives. With limited access to income, many families go with one meal a day, or none at all, thus leading to malnutrition and hunger. Our goal is to ensure that families have access to nutritious meals everyday so they can stay healthy and productive.

Through our food security program, women have access to vegetable gardening and tools. In this way, they can grow enough vegetables to supplement their family food as well as gain an extra household income.