When you give a gift of a goat to a family, you are empowering that family to increase on household income and get out of poverty.  A goat can provide a family with an income, give them access to medicine and pay school fees.  The multiplier effect of one goat is huge as it produces very fast and costs less to care for.

How does Give a Goat work:give a goat

Once a family receives a goat, it receives gold.  The family is expected to look after their goat very well with a support from our staff and a local veterinary so that they can maximally benefit from their goat.

When the goats produce, a family is encouraged to spread the love by sharing the gift of a kid (young goats) with another family in need. For each family that receives a gift of a goat is encouraged to share a kid once their goat produces with another family and the process continues.

In a long-run, we create sustainable livelihoods among the vulnerable women, children and their families and break the chain of poverty.