Skills are key in creating an enabling environment for the vulnerable women to startup and run sustainable livelihoods. As an organization, we empower women with a wide range of skills including business skills, vocational skills and mentorship.

In Uganda, small businesses provide a livelihood to many vulnerable women. Unfortunately, many of the small businesses fail because the women are illiterate and lack the skills required to run a successful business. SustainME supports sustainable businesses through provision of our all-round business and vocational skills training.

We provide long-term solutions to empowering women and their families to run sustainable businesses. We provide business and vocational training and mentorship to the women. Our toolbox consists of experienced trainers and their knowledge, and our locally developed training manuals.

Topics in the business skills training sessions focus primarily on issues that many small businesses struggle with. The weekly training sessions include for example financial literacy, importance of keeping records, sales and marketing, stock management and business planning. While vocational training focuses on providing hands-on skills in sewing, catering, hairdressing and farming.