Could you donate to our work? By supporting a vulnerable woman to become independent, you enable her to provide her family with food, send her children to school and build better lives for all the family. Skills empowerment, small startup loans, livelihood and economic development all support the women and their families on their journeys to climb out of poverty. Any amount, large or small, creates an impact on a woman’s life.

donate to fund a businessDonate £50/$70 and fund a small loan to enable a woman to set up a small business.

donate business training£20/$29 could fund a business training class for a group of vulnerable women.

donate mentorship£10/$15 could enable a woman to access a mentorship programme


Or donate an amount of your choice.

All contributions, large or small, help support vulnerable women and their families climb out of poverty.

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“Because of the skills and small startup loan I received through SustainME,
my children are now able to feed and are happy.”-Jane, 54